JSC Viliaus transportas business concept - pay particular attention to the quality of services, so:

►► The company employs highly skilled drivers - forwarders, who are trained in accordance with safety standards, are familiarized and have good knowledge of loading / unloading, fastening and transportation quality requirements.

►► We invest in employee training, professional development, the latest IT technology uptake and utilization.

►► Vehicle carriers - assembled in a way that meets the highest customer requirements.

►► All vehicles have installed satellite tracking system, which enables us to provide the client with information about the exact location of the cargo. If needed, the client can directly monitor the vehicle.

►► All our vehicles transported - insured in the amount of 1 million EUR.

►►Continuously monitor, analyze the changes in the number of claims and timely respond to changes; in a matter of urgency take the decisions necessary to ensure the quality of service and reduce the harmfulness.